A Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man edition sold at 5X the price of the most expensive Apple Watch


The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man edition looks pretty damn good and it is made more exclusive with its limited number of units at selected markets. In South Korea, Samsung is only selling 1,000 units at 1,199 million won (about RM4,023) and it comes in a nice box with a similar Iron Man themed wireless charger. Word has it there were only 1,600 units to go round in China, a country that has a booming wealthy population.

According to a report, a specific Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man unit was auctioned as high as 568,788 CNY which is a colossal RM343,959!

How could a phone fetch such a high price? For starters, it comes in red and gold which are pretty auspicious for the Chinese market. What made it even special is its double digit serial number 66, which attracted over 92,429 bids on JD.com, China’s 2nd largest retailer.

As comparison, the most expensive Apple Watch edition in Australia with an 18-carat yellow gold body and a bright red modern buckle costs A$24,000 which is touching RM70,000 right now with our current exchange rate. Suddenly the Apple Watch just pales in comparison to the Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man edition. After all, this is China where they are not reluctant to throw moolah at what is perceived to be desirable.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the unboxing video of the S6 edge Iron Man edition here.