Samsung Galaxy S6 Trade-up programme gets a bump in value


Last week Samsung announced their new trade in program in conjunction with Brightstar that lets you trade in your older and otherwise unwanted phones up for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. But after a deluge of negative feedback about their paltry trade in program, they’ve revised the pricing to be a little bit more reasonable.

Now you can get up to a RM 1,200 rebate for your new Galaxy S6 or S6 edge should you decide to trade in your phone, with the rebates being bumped up from by about RM 200 extra a piece. Much better than getting an RM 100 rebate for an iPhone 4.

You can view the revamped value list below.


Still, for the vast majority of the phones it’s still not entirely feasible to trade them in for rebates due to being valued pretty low for relatively new phones like the Sony Xperia Z3 and the Galaxy Note 4, but at least you can get more out of them now. But for the older phones, getting that extra RM 200 makes more difference than just letting it languish in a drawer somewhere.

The trade-up program is happening from now until 31st May. For more info, you can visit Samsung Malaysia‘s page.

Thanks @KevinNgTk for the tip!