Watch the Galaxy S series evolve in this trip down memory lane

Galaxy S series history

Samsung’s Galaxy S series has been having amazing success since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S in 2010. Now, five years later we have its 6th iteration, coming a long way from the original 4-inch smartphone when it was originally made as a direct competitor against the iPhone.

The rest they say, is history.

After that came the Galaxy S2 the following year which nailed Samsung the Smartphone of the Year award at the Mobile World Congress Global Awards. Then came the Galaxy S3 and S4 which cemented Samsung in as the dominant smartphone maker in the Android market, with the S4 selling over 40 million units worldwide.

Last year Samsung released the Galaxy S5 with improved build quality and IP67 certification and considering the lackluster performance of the previous year’s flagship, they went back to the drawing board to create the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge which are widely considered the best devices Samsung has ever built.

They recently posted a video outlining these few years of growth that have led up to the current gen of phones. Check it out below.