Xiaomi steps up the game with their own game controller


Xiaomi is at it again. Their product line has never been just smart phones. They made a tablet and smart TV that was cool. They sold smart phones and powerbanks so affordable and functional it nearly broke the internet.

Now, they have unveiled a new game controller that’s compatible to their own Mi Pad and Mi TV via Bluetooth connectivity. The controller will be launched on September 25, with an irresistible opening price of 1 RMB (RM0.53) for the first 300 customers, without any further word of an actual price (Let’s hope it stays the same). Although expected to be named the Mi Controller, it is just generically named as the Xiaomi Bluetooth Game Controller.


The design of the controller follows a little too similar to the Xbox 360 Controller, with probably the actual size setting them apart. There have not been any info regarding of whether it would work with other Android devices , or even what games that will work with the controller ( yet alone the extra buttons and what they do). It connects using Bluetooth 3.0 and it is powered with 2 AA sized batteries that is said to last 100 hours of usage.

We expect it to follow the Xiaomi tradition. Cheap and good! Let’s hope Malaysia will gets this piece of hardware to be available via their local website. For now, we are still waiting for their Mi Pad and Mi 4 flagship smart phone to arrive on our shores.