iQueue: Fanboys already lining up to buy yet to be announced iPhone 6

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Tomorrow, Apple CEO Tim Cook is expected to announce the iPhone 6. Best guesses are that this newest and shiniest of iGadgets may go on sale in 10 days, on September 19th. This has not stopped Brian Ceballo and Joseph Cruz from setting up the first seats in the queue to get the iPhone 6 at Apple flagship store on Fifth Avenue, New York City. According to Ceballo, he and Cruz “wanted to beat the record, which had been 18 days.”

Although they may appear to be the ultimate Apple fanboys, Ceballo and Cruz are enterprising workers who queue for sponsors. By lining up for days on end over the past five years, the pair have earned USD7,000 (RM22,245) in addition to building a large social media following among the Apple fanboy community. This year Ceballo and Cruz are being sponsored by BuyBackWorld, an electronics reseller.

Now we’re reporting that Ceballo and Cruz were the first to set up seats outside Apple’s Fifth Avenue store but they are not the first in the queue. They sold their places to Jason and Moon Ray for USD2,500 (RM7,945). The Rays are being sponsored by VideoMedicine, a telemedicine app that allows patients to video chat with doctors.

Robert Samuel, founder and owner of S.O.L.D. (Same Ole Line Dudes), a professional line-waiting service—this actually exists?!?—says that his company already has seven orders for the iPhone 6. S.O.L.D. charges customersUSD25 (RM80) for the first hour of queuing and USD10 (RM32) for each additional half-hour. The queue for the iPhone 5S was 19 hours and customers paid USD385 (RM1,223) for someone to wait in line on their behalf.

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This sweet madness has jumped the Pond and Bonnie Carr has pitched her blue tent outside Apple’s Regent Street store in London. Carr is being sponsored by TaskRabbit, an app-based service that lets users outsource small jobs and tasks.

Like Ceballo and Cruz, Carr isn’t at the head of the queue. An unidentified Hungarian man in a green tent has that spot although Carr believes he will sell his place in line as the retail launch of the iPhone 6 draws closer.

Whatever you may think about what they’re doing, you gotta love the crazies. They make us smile.