Apple slashes iPhone 5S pricing in Malaysia. iPhone 5C 8GB introduced as entry level option


We hope nobody bought a brand new iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C recently. Immediately after announcing its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has already reduced its current stock of iPhones.

The iPhone 5S is now priced at RM1,999 for its 16GB, which is RM400 off its previous price while its 32GB capacity gets a massive RM550 cut. Meanwhile its colourful iPhone 5C line up has been revised a single 8GB option that’s priced at RM1,499. This makes the iPhone 5C 8GB their official entry-level model in Malaysia.

The full pricing below along with last year’s official launch price.

New iPhone Pricing Effective 10th September 2014
iPhone 5C 8GB – RM1,499
iPhone 5S 16GB – RM1,999
iPhone 5S 32GB – RM2,199

2013 Launch Price
iPhone 5C 16GB – RM1,999
iPhone 5C 32GB – RM2,399

iPhone 5S 16GB – RM2,399
iPhone 5S 32GB – RM2,749
iPhone 5S 64GB – RM3,149

For more information, head over to Apple Malaysia’s Online Store.

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