The Xiaomi Mi TV2 is coming to Malaysia says Hugo Barra


The Mi TV2 is a television that defies convention.

The 49-inch display pushes 4K definition and it supports 3D, the remote control only has 11 buttons and uses Bluetooth instead of infrared. You can also install a remote app to control the TV with your phone or tablet. With the built-in Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity you can also connect Bluetooth headphones and other Bluetooth peripherals like a keyboard or game controller directly to the TV.

To keep the Mi TV2 ultra thin, designers have removed the speakers from the main display panel and put them in a wired sound bar and a Bluetooth subwoofer. On top of that, the audio system works independently from the TV allowing you to connect other devices to the speakers as well.

On top of all this the Mi TV2 runs on Android with a custom user interface that makes content easily and readily accessible to users.

Sold for 3,999 Yuan, which is about RM2,000 based on current exchange rates, the Mi TV 2 is amazingly affordable for a cutting-edge 4K TV when the market price for a similarly specced kit is at least RM10k!

Unfortunately though the Mi TV2 is only currently available in China but if our recent interview with Hugo Barra, the VP of Xiaomi Global is anything to go by then it won’t be long till the most affordable and feature-packed 4K TV comes to Malaysia.

When asked about the Mi TV2 coming to Malaysia, Hugo — who’s a former vice president of product management for the Android platform — said the TV will be available in Malaysia but he can’t commit to a timeline just yet.

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He explains, “Mi TV is an amazing TV but it’s also an incredible content box. It gives you very easy access to TV shows, movies both local and international in a really simple and easy to use fashion. We want that entire philosophy, that entire platform to be available here [in Malaysia], we don’t want to just be selling you a TV, we want to sell you an experience. In order to do that, we need local content partnerships, we need licenses for all this content. We have licenses today in China and we need to be able to acquire these licenses in Malaysia as well. We’re working on that and we’re also looking for local partners who can help us.”

Full details on the Mi TV2 here.