DiGi offers HTC One M8 on telco contract from RM1,299


If you’re looking to buy a HTC One M8 on telco contract, DiGi is your third option with bundled pricing from as low as RM1,299. On DiGi, it is offered on its DG Smart Plan which comes with bundled calls, SMS and mobile internet.

The bundled pricing of the HTC One M8 on DiGi are as follows:
DG SmartPlan 78 (RM78/month) 24 months – RM1,739
DG SmartPlan 108 (RM108/month) 24 months – RM1,499
DG SmartPlan 148 (RM148/month) 24 months – RM1,299

All three plans are tied with a single 24-month contract duration. During sign up, an upfront payment between RM360 (SmartPlan 78), RM600 (SmartPlan 108) and RM800 (SmartPlan 148) required during registration but it will be rebated back to your monthly bills. However if you’re an active DiGi subscriber for at least 12 months, the upfront waiver will be waived. For more information, head over to DiGi’s HTC One M8 product page.

During the Malaysian HTC One M8 launch, HTC insists that Maxis is the official exclusive telco for the device despite both U Mobile and DiGi are offering them on contract. As far as we know, telcos would only sell original units that are brought in by official smart phone distributors. It is unlikely that DiGi and U Mobile would take the risk to sell grey imported (AP Set) units to their customers.