Samsung Gear Fit gets its own tear down treatment


After having dismantled the Gear 2 smart watch, the guys at iFixit have turned their attention to the Samsung Gear Fit which comes with a curved touch screen AMOLED display. Compared to the Gear 2 smart watch, the Gear Fit is designed towards fitness with a heart rate sensor but lacks a camera and IR blaster. It also gets water and dust resistance of IP67 while the battery is said to last longer up to 4 days.

To disassemble the Gear Fit, the curved display must be removed first with a bit of heating and prying. When taken out, the internals are actually attached to the display as a single piece. Fortunately it uses a couple of ribbon cable connectors which can be removed without much effort. The battery is found to be curved as well and it is held in place underneath the motherboard separated by a small metal strip.

Overall, it is slightly challenging to dismantle than the Gear 2 smart watch with a repairability rating of 6/10. While it is easy to be taken apart, its switches, antenna and vibrator are soldered onto the board, making it hard to replace if something goes wrong. Check out the step by step tear down process after the break.

Samsung Gear Fit Teardown

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