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New HTC One Flip Case Revealed with See Through Holes


We are just 2 weeks away from HTC’s announcement of their new One flagship aka the M8. As smart phone manufacters come out with smart covers with cut out windows, @Evleaks has revealed that HTC will be having a similar accessory for the All New HTC One.

As shown above, the new M8 will be accompanied by a series of colourful flip covers which are able to tell the time with a number of customisable information/notifications as well. It does look similar to Alcatel Magic Flip LED cover but @Evleaks claims that the front cover consists of an array of holes where each dot will be illuminated by the screen itself.

For this to work efficiently, the new HTC One would be better off using AMOLED displays where each pixels can be activated individually. At the back, the flip cover also has cut out holes for both twin cameras and twin LED flash.

Head after the break for another image of the Flip Case.