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New HTC One gets leaked again with clearer view of the top


The All new HTC One for 2014 (HTC M8) is probably the worst kept secret with countless number of leaks on the net. If that’s not enough, here comes more images of the back especially its Twin Camera set up and a clearer shot of the top of the device. While the front and back doesn’t look radically different, it appears that the top might have a 2-tone colour scheme like the aluminium frame on the Xperia Z1/Xperia Z2 as shown above.

In terms of specs, the new One is expected to come with a larger 5″ display, likely to be a Full HD unit with the latest Snapdragon 801 processor and 2GB of RAM. Obviously the key hero feature is its new rear camera which now comes in two. Build quality will also be another key focus as HTC claims to have improved its premium aluminium body construction.

The new HTC One for 2014 will be announced officially on 25th March in both London and New York. Its competition Samsung and Sony will be rolling their flagship devices available in Malaysia next month with the Galaxy S5 going on sale on 11th April while the Xperia Z2 being available around the same time. It would be in HTC’s best interest to be able to go to market as soon as possible if they want to beat the competition.

Head after the break for additional shots of the All new HTC One including a clearer official product image of the rear camera from @evleaks.





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