Samsung adds 3 new colours to its Galaxy Note 3 line up


Samsung has announced 3 new colours for its flagship Galaxy Note 3, bringing a total of 6 colour variants to choose from. When the Galaxy Note 3 was first announced, it came with 3 colours – Black, White & Pink with chrome coloured frames at the sides.

In the earlier hints, it seems that Samsung might be release an all Gold colour device but instead it turns out that the “Gold” colour is limited to its frame which is coloured in Rose Gold. You have a choice of Black & White, hence the option Rose Gold Black and Rose Gold white respectively. In addition, Samsung is releasing a new colour called Merlot red which uses maroon for both front and back while the sides maintains the same chrome colour finish.

The Rose Gold White unit will be released first in China in December while the other colours will be made available internationally depending on respective markets. More pictures of the Galaxy Note 3 in Rose Gold Black, Rose Gold White & Merlot Red after the break.