New iPhones Have Poor Touchscreen Accuracy According to Study


The iPhone 5C & iPhone 5S are the latest smart phones coming from Apple, a company that has changed the way we use touch screen smart phones. While iPhones are generally more responsive and fluid than other platforms, a recent study shows that its latest devices are rather inaccurate when it comes to touches.

OptoFidelity has tested the new iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S and an 18 month old Galaxy S III with their own robotic machine which tests display responsiveness and accuracy down to a mm. As shown above, surprisingly the new iPhones fared pretty badly while the Galaxy S3 screen is rather accurate except for its edges. Being a mm off doesn’t sound much but it is quite a big deal when it comes to typing on the keyboard.

In a close up test on the on-screen keyboard accuracy, it appears that the left most key and the 2 right most key on the iPhone 5C/5S would be highly inaccurate. This would probably mean keys such as Q, O and P would be harder to register.

You can check out the accuracy results of the on-screen keyboard and a video of the OptoFidelity machine after the break.


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