Maxis iPhone 5S & 5C pricing revealed with slight variation but still rather expensive


UPDATE: Before Maxis removed its iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C contract plan page, tipster @wong_dominic has managed to get a screenshot of its purported Maxis One Club offering. View the full image after the break.

UPDATE 2: Official Maxis iPhone 5S/iPhone 5C Plans and pricing revealed.

Just couple of hours ago, Apple has released its official iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S pricing in Malaysia. Now Maxis’s iPhone 5S pricing has appeared as well with a slight price difference from what we have seen earlier.

The outright iPhone 5S and 5C retail pricing from Maxis are as follows:

iPhone 5S 16GB – RM2,349
iPhone 5S 32GB – RM2,699
iPhone 5S 64GB – RM2,999

iPhone 5C 16GB – RM1,999

Basically it is RM50 cheaper for the 16GB and 32GB version while the 64GB unit is RM150 lower. For the iPhone 5C the price remains unchanged at RM1,999 and comes with a single 16GB variant on Maxis. Nevertheless, it is still much more expensive than the iPhones launched in the past few years. Of course, it will be cheaper to own when bundled with contract postpaid plans. The full Maxis bundled plans and pricing are expected to be revealed soon and those who have pre-registered would be notified by email.

In case you’re wondering, the page above was stumbled upon by @wong_dominic via twitter which currently is not available. It could be possible that this is not the finalised pricing so we would rather wait until Maxis officially reveals their plans.

Thanks @wong_dominic for the alert on Twitter.

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Check out the purported Maxis One Club offering after the break.


If the details above are confirmed and valid, there will be a choice of 4 plans on offer – iValue Simple (RM50/month), iValue 1 (RM100/month), iValue 2 (RM155/month) and iValue 3 (RM250/month). In terms of duration, you have a choice of 12 month and 24 months duration.

The iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C bundled pricing on Maxis One Club are as follows:

iPhone 5S 16GB
iValue Simple (12 months) – RM2249
iValue 1 (12 months) – RM1,899
iValue 2 (12 months) – RM1,799
iValue 3 (12 months) – RM1,399

iValue 1 (24 months) – RM1599
iValue 2 (24 months) – RM1199
iValue 3 (24 months) – RM599

iPhone 5S 32GB
iValue Simple (12 months) – RM2549
iValue 1 (12 months) – RM2229
iValue 2 (12 months) – RM2149
iValue 3 (12 months) – RM1729

iValue 1 (24 months) – RM1949
iValue 2 (24 months) – RM1749
iValue 3 (24 months) – RM949

iPhone 5S 64GB
iValue Simple (12 months) – RM2899
iValue 1 (12 months) – RM2549
iValue 2 (12 months) – RM2449
iValue 3 (12 months) – RM2049

iValue 1 (24 months) – RM2299
iValue 2 (24 months) – RM2079
iValue 3 (24 months) – RM1299

iPhone 5C 16GB
iValue Simple (12 months) – RM1899
iValue 1 (12 months) – RM1499
iValue 2 (12 months) – RM1349
iValue 3 (12 months) – RM1099

iValue 1 (24 months) – RM1149
iValue 2 (24 months) – RM929
iValue 3 (24 months) – RM349