Here’s a Novel Way to Market Samsung’s Smart Stay Feature on the Galaxy S4


The party piece of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is its many Smart Features and a Swiss mobile operator came up with a novel way to market the device.

In the middle of a busy train station in Zurich, Swisscom created this interesting “stare down” booth where passers by stand a chance to win a Galaxy S4 if they could keep their eyes on fixed on the device for a full hour.

The contest was designed to create awareness on Samsung’s Smart Stay feature — one of the many eye-tracking features available with the Galaxy S4.

And as it having your eyes fixated on an object for a whole hour wasn’t challenging enough, there a whole host of distractions that will try to take your eye of the prize. Just take a look at the video after the jump to see what we mean.

It’s a pretty fun marketing stunt. Something we’d like to see done here just so that we can try it out for ourselves. Cool stuff.