Yes offers Samsung Chromebook with built-in 4G WiMAX


Yes has recently launched a new device in a form of a Samsung Chromebook which comes with built-in 4G WiMAX connectivity. Running on Chrome OS, the Samsung Chromebook is powered by a dual-core Exynos 5 processor with a 11.6″ display that does 1366×768 pixels resolution. Weighing just slightly over a kilogram, the Chromebook boasts a battery life of 6.5 hours. In terms of storage, it gets a SSD storage of 16GB with complimentary 100GB Google Drive cloud storage for 2 years.

The Samsung Chromebook is priced at RM1,299 outright with RM100 Yes Credit. Alternatively, it can be yours from as low as RM988 with 24 months contract of Yes 88 Plan that offers 3.5GB at RM88/month. However there’s an upfront advance payment of RM311 required, which means you would need to prepare RM1,299 at the time of purchase.

The idea of having a 4G connected laptop isn’t entirely new in Malaysia. P1 has offered WiMAX embedded laptops and netbooks 3 years ago without much success. The biggest challenge back then was mobile coverage and pricing which was a premium over the standard non-WiMAX offering. As far as mobile connectivity is concerned, Yes WiMAX network is capable of seamless connection while on the move and it all boils down to the appeal of Chromebook’s cloud based OS. Being heavily reliant on internet connectivity, it is different from the usual Mac/Windows laptops experience.

For more information, head over to Yes’s 4G Chromebook page.

Watch the Samsung 4G Chromebook promo video after the break.