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Purported Galaxy S IV casings appear ahead of launch


In less than 24 hours, the Galaxy S IV will be officially revealed at Samsung’s Unpacked event. Now its purported casings has made an appearance and it seems like the earlier leaked model that resembles closely with the Galaxy S III is the actual product. The discovery was found from an online retailer MobileFun which carries an extensive range of accessories.

However if we take a look at their Galaxy S4 product listing, you’ll notice there’s a different design altogether. Head after the break for the alternative casing.


From the looks of it, this may be the actual S IV which looks totally different from the current models. It is more squarish in design and comes with 3 square holes that’s similar on the Galaxy S III with more protruding space for the camera. Another possibility is that Samsung might be releasing not just one but multiple variants of the Galaxy S IV to cater for different markets.

This time around, Samsung appears to be extra careful with the secrecy of their upcoming flagship model. Even with its clever disguise of having different testing prototypes last year, the Galaxy S III’s manual was leaked about a week before launch. So far we have only seen a claimed leak that’s more visible in photos and video from the same source. As comparison, the Galaxy S III had numerous prototypes being photographed and leaked around the inter-webs.

If Jeremy the kid in the teaser video says that the Galaxy IV is unreal and amazing, it better look nowhere near last year’s Galaxy S III. Catch the live event on Friday morning at 7AM on their YouTube channel.

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