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Caught on Video: Is This the Galaxy S IV?

Update 2: @LienWee brought up an interesting point on Twitter. To keep the Galaxy S III a secret last year, Samsung made Galaxy S III prototypes with an outer shell that looks like the Galaxy S II. We could see the same thing happening with the Galaxy S IV judging by the thickness of the leaked device we’ve been seeing. This is of course all a theory for now. We simply can’t phantom Samsung not going for major improvements in the next Galaxy — it’s just unlike them. What do you think?

Update: A screengrab (after the jump) from the video reveals the device has two SIM slots (arrows marked yellow), and we don’t think that dual-SIM support is a function that we would call cutting edge or something that everyone would drool over. So there are two possibilities. 1. This is a variant of the Galaxy S IV with dual-SIM support. 2. This is a variant of the Galaxy S made for selected market. Looking at the design and some of the specs revealed earlier, possibility number 2 looks likely. In fact, this device could very well be an updated version of the Galaxy S III Duos and not the Galaxy S IV. The Galaxy S IV has to be much more than this, it has to be special. We’re not fanboys or anything but if it Samsung plans to stay on top, special is the bare minimum, the Galaxy S IV has to be something beyond special.

It’s a massive week for Samsung this week and there’s a lot of buzz around the Galaxy S IV but is the device you see in the video the real McCoy? We really hope not.

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What is shown in the latest leaked material to come out from China is an unknown Samsung smartphone the source purports to be the Galaxy S IV. The unknown device sports a similar design language as the Galaxy S III, right down to same plasticky build that we all hate with a passion. At glance looks no different than the device it is supposed to replace with not much improvement build quality and no progress in design. In short, nothing really exciting.

If this is indeed the Galaxy IV then Samsung is in a heap of crap especially considering the HTC One is one brilliant Android smartphone.

In any case, all will be revealed this Friday. Let’s hope Samsung has something better to show to the world.