DiGi introduces new DG Smart Plan with Voice Calls, SMS & split Data quotas


UPDATE: Smart Plan 88 Bundled Calls and SMS are applicable to all network.

DiGi has finally revamped its DG Smart Plans which used to be offering data only postpaid subscription and calls/sms are charged separately. Now with the new DG Smart Plans, you get a 3 in 1 combination of voice, SMS and data for a fixed monthly fee. Instead of the usual Smart Plan 48, 68 and 88, they have streamlined their offering to just 2 – Smart Plan 58 and Smart Plan 88.

For the Smart Plan 58, you get 2GB of data which they have split to 1GB of Mobile Internet usage and another 1GB for Smart Apps which is used for Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. Also included is 200 minutes of calls and 200 SMS which only can be used within DiGi network. For additional RM30, the Smart Plan 88 offers 4GB of data, which is also split 2GB+2GB usage between standard mobile internet and “Smart Apps”. For calls and SMS, it is 50% more at 300 minutes and 300 SMS but it is applicable to all networks it is also restricted for DiGi to DiGi only.

On top of that, Web Browsing is free and unlimited but only if you are using Opera Mini. According to FAQ, even if you have exhausted your monthly quota, you will get to enjoy normal speeds for web browsing on Opera Mini. Those requiring BIS will need to pay additional RM10/month or RM20/month for BES. For additional usage or calls/SMS made outside DiGi’s network, it is charged at 15sen/minute and 10 sen per SMS.

Overall, the new plans are a new refresh but we prefered that the monthly bundled calls are opened up to all networks instead of just DiGi to DiGi network only for smart plan 58. We have mixed feelings however on the Internet quotas that are imposed for Mobile Internet and “Smart Apps” which we feel should be more flexible for users. On the up side, at least the split quota ensures that you have faster Whatsapp/Facebook/Twitter updates even if you have finished your usage for Youtube viewing or data tethering.

For more information, head over to DiGi.