May the Force be with You… r iPhone


Fans of the Force, you can now pimp your iPhones in the most awesome Star Wars swag this side of the galaxy far, far away. These cases are as authentic as phone cases can be — the C3PO case is every bit just as shiny as the droid it mimics and the Chewbacca case has fur!

If you’re interested in getting one — or all — the cases are available on Amazon and is available for the iPhones 4, 4S, and 5, in used and new condition, from over 30 vendors. We tried ordering a Chewbacca case from the seller “”, and found that on top of the USD 27 for the case, the 2-to-4-day shipping charge to Malaysia was USD 31, bringing the total to about RM175. Not bad and probably worth it considering how easily scratched the iPhone 5 can be.

Just in “case” you’re thinking of buying one of these, remember to check that you order the right size!

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