Cabinet removes RM500 price cap for RM200 Smart Phone rebate


The RM200 smart phone rebate which was announced during the last budget announcement is now applicable to a wider choice of devices. Earlier on, the rebate under the Youth Communication Package is only limited to a handful of smart phones that are priced below RM500.

At such price range, most devices are rather dated or nearing end of life which calls for a review of such limitation to enable youths to get newer handsets that are priced higher. The removal of the RM500 ceiling price was announced via twitter by @DrRaisYatim and @KhairyKj. However it is not clear if there will be a separate eligible list for models exceeding RM500.

At time of writing, there are less than 9,000 sign ups for the Youth Communication Package from its 1,500,000 allocation. To recap on the requirements, the RM200 rebate is applicable for youths aged 21-30 with a monthly income of RM3000 and below. To register, head over to SKMM’s portal here.