Maxis offers device bundling with TalkMore 48 plan

Maxis TalkMore Device bundling

Maxis now offers the HTC One S, Samsung Galaxy Beam and BlackBerry Bold 9790 on Maxis TalkMore 48 plan bundled with bolt on mobile internet plans. To recap, the recently launched TalkMore 48 offers 400 call minutes and 200 SMS for just RM48/month. You have a choice of 2 data plans to bolt on – 1GB for RM48/month or 3GB for RM68/month with contract durations of either 1 or 2 years. For BlackBerry users, you would need to pay slightly more for BIS services.

On the 2 years contract of TalkMore 48 + 3GB, the HTC One S can be yours for RM699, while the Samsung Galaxy Beam can be yours for as low as RM799. The BlackBerry Bold 9790 is also on offer from as low as RM799. Overall, these bundling is suitable for heavy usage voice caller/texters that need a sizable mobile internet plan.

An advance payment is required at RM250 for 12 months contract and RM1000 for 24 months contract. The advance payment is then rebated back to your bill across 5 months period. However if you’re a subscriber with Maxis for more than a year, the advance payment will be waived.

For more information, head over to Maxis TalkMore 48 device bundling page.