Maxis signs up with 14 content providers for upcoming IPTV service

Maxis IPTV Fibre

Maxis today has announced its partnership with 14 content providers to offer IPTV service on its Maxis Home Fibre Internet. If you’re a Maxis Fibre user, you can look forward to a wide range of HD and 3D content along with catch-up TV and PVR features with your subscription soon.

The 14 content providers that Maxis partnered with are Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM), All Asia Multimedia Networks FZ-LLC, Media Prima Berhad, LI TV International Ltd, Red Bull GmbH, Five Star Production Co. Ltd, Vision Plus Entertainment Sdn Bhd, Travel Channel International Limited, Asa’ad Entertainment Network Sdn Bhd, Brilliant Pictures, Five Star Trading, Trace TV S.A., The Wiggles International Pty Ltd and Classic Media Distribution Limited.

In terms of Free to Air, the channels include TV1, TV2, TVi, TV3, NTV7, 8TV, TV9 along with additional content from LI Space, LI Body, LI Savour, LI Chic, Tonton, Travel Channel, Wiggles, Jump, Classic Media, Trace Urban, Trace Sports, XS, Red Bull, Five Star Trading, Five Star Production, Brilliant Pictures and Asa’ad.

Currently Maxis Home Fibre Internet is available across 1.2 million homes and offices in Malaysia while its 3G Wireless Internet service with its 82% population coverage covers nearly 6 million homes. So far no IPTV subscription and available dates were mentioned.