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Screen protector provide clues of Samsung Galaxy S III

The Samsung Unpacked event is happening on May 3rd in the UK where the next Galaxy (likely to be called Galaxy S III) will be revealed. The event is at 7:00PM UK time, which is about 2AM this Friday, 4th May.

While we can roughly gauge the design and shape of the upcoming device, a new clue has surfaced in the form of a screen protector. The Galaxy S III is said to be having a 4.8″ screen but with the screen protector compared, it is similar sized as the 4.7″ HTC One X and slightly wider than the 4.3″ Galaxy S II. This gives it a bigger screen without feeling overly bulky which is what we’ve experienced on the Xperia S (4.3″ screen but feels like a 4.0″ phone).

This is it folks. Just less than 48 hours away from the big reveal.

More pics of the screen protector after the break.

Hit the source link for more pics.