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Samsung’s Latest Teaser Video for the next Galaxy Smartphone Reveals Some Important Clues

The anticipation is going through the roof. After a teaser site, Samsung released a teaser video that aside from the glaring stab at the Apple crowd, tells you very little about the new Galaxy smartphone. But is the teaser video just another opportunity for Samsung to poke fun at iSheeps?

We don’t think so. We feel that Samsung wants to tell us more about the next Galaxy that it first seems. We analysed the clip and found what we feel are some important clues about the next Galaxy – a device that is shaping up to be the most anticipated Android smartphone ever launched since the Nexus One.

Let’s take a look.

The video begins with a bold statement – “Truly smart technology becomes a natural part of life”. This suggests to us that the next Galaxy will feature a design that places a considerable emphasis on ergonomics as well as technology and features that bring a level of man-machine interaction that is unlike anything the world has ever seen.

What this new level of man-machine interaction is exactly remains to be seen but the earlier rumours of eye-tracking technology are one possibility that comes to mind.

The other strong statement in the teaser is “Where a galaxy fits perfectly into your hand”. This suggests that Samsung will be showcasing a new design approach for the next Galaxy, one that focuses heavily on ergonomics and tactile feel. This relates very closely to the many rumours about the next Galaxy being made out of ceramic. This also suggests that the next Galaxy will feature a design language that is far removed from previous Galaxy devices. Though we don’t think Samsung will use ceramics in the new Galaxy but the device will feel like it was made out of the material.

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That’s pretty much what we can gather from the teaser video. Of course none of this is confirmed but after sifting through the many rumours, we feel there are some connections to be made. What remains to be seen now is whether we are right or completely wrong. Thankfully, the wait won’t be long and we’re expecting more details to make its way to the public space as we move closer and closer to the May 3 launch date.