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Another purported Galaxy S III photos appear

The next Galaxy or anticipated as the Galaxy S III is a one of the best guarded secrets at the moment. With just 2 weeks away from its May 3rd reveal, we have yet to see a confirmed leak unlike other smart phones we’ve seen before.

Just recently BGR Brasil has released photos which purported is the upcoming Galaxy S III. They have reported that the device is thinner, heavier and comes with a 12MP shooter. Looking at the photo above, it does resemble the earlier leaked i9300 which isn’t the new flagship phone that we’ve been waiting for.

However taking a closer look at the photo above, there’s a difference with the i9300 that we saw earlier. If you noticed, the front of the device seems to be encased in another body. From the looks of it, it does look like a Galaxy Nexus inside. The front home button looks dodgy and we might potentially see a button-less design in the final product.

It appears that Samsung is adding mock design or cases to thwart premature leaks of its upcoming product. A very smart way to prevent sharp shooters of catching it in public while their product guys are doing real life test. If the “additional” case theory is true, the upcoming device could be even thinner and lighter than what was earlier reported. Since Samsung is extremely cautious, it is possible that there are multiple test prototypes and the final product could be extremely different from what we’ve seen so far.

Thanks @override182 for the tip!