Display Comparison: HTC One X vs the rest

With smart phones getting larger displays and having a different use of IPS, Super AMOLED and Super LCD2, determining the best display isn’t that straight forward. The folks at PhoneArena had conducted a display comparison test that compared the screen of the HTC One X, iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, LG Nitro HD & Samsung Galaxy S II.

For outdoor visibility, the HTC One X’s Super LCD 2 is reported to be the best. While the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S II screens are readable, the Galaxy Nexus was found to be the worst performer under bright sunlight. In terms of resolution, all devices except for the Galaxy S II have higher than 300ppi. However due to the PenTile pixel arrangement of the Galaxy Nexus, text appear slightly jagged but it isn’t really a big problem for text.

Last but not least, the viewing angles are better on the Super AMOLED screens of the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Nexus but it follows closely by the HTC One X. Overall, the HTC One X is said to be an all round performer with great visibility outdoors, decent colour reproduction and viewing angles. In our hands, the HTC One X screen is really something. The display looks as if the graphics are floating on top instead of being under the glass and the curved sides of the display somewhat contributed to the illusion. Watch out for our full review of the HTC One X soon.

You can read up the full comparison of the display over at PhoneArena.