Comparison: P1 Fiber HSBB Plans vs Maxis and Unifi



P1’s HSBB plans dubbed “P1 Fiber” was revealed yesterday with consumer plans starting from RM169 monthly. Just like its existing OnePlans, the package comes with a home and outdoor modem solution.

Naturally most users will compare P1 Fiber service directly with the other HSBB players such as Unifi and Maxis. Although they looked the same there’s a big difference in terms of bundled extras such as voice calls, IPTV, add-on broadband and etc. Click on the table above to view the comparison.

In terms of all round solution, TM has a well balanced offering with unlimited calls to TM’s wide network of nationwide fixed lines and HyppTV IPTV service. For those who are already a Maxis subscribers and make more phone calls to Maxis numbers and overseas, their Home Broadband solution seems to more inticing with its generous bundling of voice calls including IDD and mobile. For P1, the key differentiation would be the 1Mbps mobile broadband with dedicated 3GB of quota. Despite having the “OnePlan” naming, the mobile broadband doesn’t share the home broadband quota.

All 3 come with 24 months contract and charges RM200 for installation. Currently TM and Maxis are waiving the installation charges. In terms of Fair Use Policy (FUP) enforcement, both TM & Maxis have yet to impose them which means it is still unlimited download for now.

P1’s Fiber service is expected to be launched this week and they are likely to offer introductory promotions to entice new subscribers. All P1 Fiber details above are derived from yesterday’s discovery. To stay competitive, P1 might just offer installation waiver and unlimited quota for a limited time.