Durability of HTC One S body explained

The upcoming HTC One S is the thinnest phone from the HTC One Series at only 7.8mm. As manufacturers are obsessed with making phones thinner, HTC puts more emphasis on build quality. We’ve seen how smart phones using different materials like the Motorola RAZR with its Kevlar back but HTC is going bonkers with a new way of strengthening its metal body.

The One S features a unique ceramic like finish which is made possible through micro arc oxidation. It is a process where an aircraft aluminium is subjected to 10,000 volts of energy which they claim is similar as lightning striking the phone. As a result, the HTC One S’s unibody is durable enough that you won’t need a case at all. This they claim is 5 times stronger than aerospace aluminium and 3 times stronger than stainless steel. We can’t wait to get a hands on with the One S soon.