Sony Xperia S Camera Shutter Performance Demoed

The Sony Xperia S boasts a Fast Capture, a feature where you go from screen switched off stand-by mode to successfully taking a picture in just 1.5 seconds. While that’s certainly fast, many want to know how the shutter performance of the Xperia S fairs in comparison to the Zero Shutter Lag feature seen on the Galaxy Nexus.

This video gives you an idea of what kind of shutter speeds you can expect from the Xperia S. It’s pretty snappy considering the pixel count (12MP on the Xperia S) but it’s not really as fast as the Galaxy Nexus’ Zero Shutter Lag.

Why is a fast shutter important? The faster the shutter, the less likely of you taking blurry pictures, It’s certainly something we can appreciate. In this respect, the Xperia S does a commendable job but again we’ll save our final word on this device when we get a review unit to test thoroughly. Also, we’re not sure if the unit seen in this video is a final production unit. As you are aware, different production versions have marked differences in performance.

Another thing worth pointing out, the Xperia S will be getting Ice Cream Sandwich, with that it’s also possible that the device will be getting the Zero Shutter Lag feature as well. While some will argue that Zero Shutter Lag is hardware dependent and a feature that exclusive to the Galaxy Nexus, we’re inclined to think that it is possible for other ICS devices to have the feature as well.

Zero Shutter Lag is officially listed as one of the features of Ice Cream Sandwich, so we’re expecting ICS devices other than the Galaxy Nexus to have fast shutters at the very least if not Zero Shutter Lag.

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