Sample videos: Sony Xperia S

UPDATE: Added more 1080p sample videos.

Here are video samples taken using the 1.3MP front camera and 12MP rear camera on the Xperia S, and like the sample pictures we’ve posted up earlier, we’re left underwhelmed at the imaging performance of the Xperia S. We’ve seen Sony do better with the Xperia arc, arc S and ray.

The videos are really nothing to shout about and the 720p sample from the front camera is particularly inferior. For comparison, take a look at this 720p video we took using the 1.3MP front camera on the Motorola RAZR.

Also do take a look at our iPhone 4S v Samsung Galaxy Note v Samsung Galaxy Note SII v Motorola RAZR v Nokia N8 v Sony Ericsson Xperia ray camera megatest, it’s not a direct comparison but it gives you some indication as towhat the current crop of 8MP shooters in the market are capable of.

Keep in mind, the Xperia S units that we used to take these videos are most probably pre-production units with a few bugs still in them that needs sorting out. Let’s hope that the final retail units can muster up much better pictures and videos.

Video samples after the jump.

1080p sample using 12MP rear camera

720p sample using the 1.3MP front camera

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