Bargain BlackBerry offer and giveaways from DiGi

DiGi is going on a BlackBerry discount rampage after revealing its BlackBerry Bold 9900, Curve 9360 and Torch 9810 offers.

On 24 months contract of DG Smart Plan 68, the Torch 9800 is offered at RM979, while the Bold 9780 at RM879 and Curve 9300 at RM379. Outright, the 3 are offered at RM1600, RM1312 and RM876 respectively. If BlackBerry devices are not your thing, DiGi is also offering the HTC Desire HD at RM729 and LG Optimus One at RM179 on contract. The prices above are applicable if you sign up through their online store with full details here.

Apart from that, those that buy the latest BlackBerry (Bold 9900, Torch 9810 & Curve 9360) on contract from 10th October till 10th December will stand a chance to win another BlackBerry. They are giving 30x Curve 9300, 20x Bold 9780 and 10x Torch 9800 with one given out daily. For more info on the FREE BlackBerry offer, head over here.