MCMC introduces 011 universal prefix with 8-digit mobile number. DiGi starts ball rolling

The days of specific number prefixes to identify telcos and 7-digit mobile phone numbers are, well, numbered.

Starting from December 15, all mobile operators will issue new mobile registrations with a universal prefix and 8-digit mobile number. However subscribers with existing (read: virtually everyone) 7-digit mobile numbers will not have to worry as they can still continue using their mobile number.

And it looks like DiGi is starting the ball rolling with this early announcement made on its website.

For those of you who are rearing to get a nice number with the new prefix we have to tell you that although MCMC stipulates that the date of implementation of this new 3+8 number system is December 15, not all telcos will be giving out 011 numbers on that day.

This is stated in DiGi’s FAQ on the subject matter which can be found here.

From DiGi FAQ Question 5:

Will the new 011 prefix be available from 15 December 2010 as stated on the SKMM announcement?
The date stated on the SKMM announcement (15 December 2010) is a target date by which all systems needed to launch the 3 + 8 number range for all mobile service providers should be ready.

and question 7:

If there are no 011 prefixes available on 15 December 2010, when will DiGi launch its 3 + 8 number range (011 prefix with an 8-digit mobile number)?
DiGi will announce the launch of its new 3 + 8 number range once on or once the 011 prefix is available for customers.

Some of you may recall that this 011 prefix is not new and was previously used for Telekom Malaysia’s ATUR 450 mobile service.

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Official MCMC press release from MCMC after the jump.


Cyberjaya, 2 November 2010 – The Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) today announced that Malaysia is in the midst of implementing a new public cellular phone numbering format which is 3 + 8. The announcement was made at a briefing held at MCMC Headquarters which was attended by industry members, regulatory bodies, the media, consumer forums and interested parties. The briefing sought to enhance participants understanding of the new public cellular numbering system.

The new public cellular phone numbering will take off with the prefix-011 followed by eight digit numbers (011 1XXX XXXX), set to be launched on 15 December 2010.

This is one of the long-term planning measures undertaken by MCMC after taking into consideration that the existing public cellular phone numbering format of 3 + 7 is running out and will not be able to support and accommodate the demands from the industry in the near future. This new implementation is also a result of the increase in the number of cellular service providers and the potential of various service applications which will be made available due to the advancement of communication technologies.