Yes 4G updates coverage map, Melaka gets covered

Last week, we’ve taken a look at Yes 4G Network coverage areas in the Peninsular which covers most of the west coast. During our initial visit to their coverage maps, the coverage info wasn’t clear as there was a mix of dark and light shades of grey. It was also discovered that major state capitals on the east coast were not covered despite having grey shades blanketing the city.

Just recently, @yes4g had mentioned on twitter that the maps have been revised with cyan colour indicating current coverage available with grey as upcoming coverage plots.

In the Klang Valley, yes coverage looks pretty much the same as before as the Cyan colours blanket majority of populated areas. We can attest to this during our roadtest, as most commercial areas and major highways were able to get seamless connectivity despite a couple of gaps along the way.

Looking outside the Klang Valley, we noticed that most parts of the North South highway were coloured grey. This was a surprise as Yes had mentioned countless of times and were quoted by many sources of being able to stay connected on the North-South highway from Penang to JB. We would assume that this is already in place during launch but the map information may not be complete.

Towards the south in Melaka, we’ve noticed that yes has 5 cyan plots of coverage in the historic state. Searching for an address in those areas revealed that it is indeed covered. This makes yes officially the 1st WiMAX operator to cover Melaka, beating the incumbent P1.

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From our past experience with telco coverage maps, the information isn’t accurate all the time. There are many times we couldn’t connect despite being “covered” on the map and there are times too that we could get connected in places without “coverage”.

We will be heading outside the Klang Valley in the next few days to test out yes 4G network on the outskirts with the North-South highway as our main focus. Do keep it locked on to and follow our updates on twitter.
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