Android mobile web usage grows 17% while iOS drops 11%

It looks like even the mighty iPhone 4 can’t stop Android’s progress in winning the hearts of mobile users.

Data released by Quantcast, an online analytics firm, has revealed Android’s upward trend is continuing strongly whilst the usage of iOS for mobile browsing is continuing to decline. In the month of August Quantcast analytics showed that iOS mobile traffic has dropped 11% from the beginning on 2010 to 56% despite the launch of the iPhone 4. Meanwhile in the same time period mobile web browsing on Android has increased 17% from under 10% to 25%. Mobile web browsing on BlackBerry has remained roughly stagnant in the same period.

Interestingly, Android is the only OS that’s seeing growth in usage for 2010, raking in near 19% growth whilst iOS dropped 11.4% and BlackBerry OS usage declined 1.6%.

Do note that the data is representative of mobile browser usage in the US and that for iOS only iPhones and iPods are tracked. Quantcast doesn’t consider iPads as a mobile device. You can get the full details on the methodology used by Quantcast here.

It’ll be interesting to find out how Malaysian users pan out in terms of smartphone OS. What is the most popular smartphone platform here? Android, BlackBerry, iOS or Symbian?

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