Samsung Galaxy Tab caught on video down under

Gadget site Electronista struck gold when its witters stumbled upon a telco worker live testing the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab, of all places, in a public transport.

The device, caught on video, looks to confirm the prelim specs put out by Samsung. The Galaxy Tab will have a seven-inch screen (here’s hoping its reinforced with Gorilla Glass), it will be running Android 2.2 and have 3G, and it could be running the same processor as the Galaxy S.

In the video, the telco tester using the Gaaxy Tab says that it is “very different” from the iPad (which he claims he has used before) and is “awesome”.

The appearance of the Galaxy in Australia suggests that Samsung is looking at an international launch for the device and considering that Australia is close to us than the US, this could mean that the Galaxy Tab could be en route to Malaysia as well. Possibly to do battle with the Dell Streak.

Video after the jump.