YTL Comms working on 4G mobile phone and 4G MiFi?

The devices shown above are for dramatisation only. We have no info on the exact devices that YTL will offer.

Little bits and bytes have been streaming into our modems and telling us that YTL Comms — the Malaysian WiMAX no show — is working on something epic.

Sources deep inside YTL have revealed that the aspiring 4G conglomerate is will be bringing Android powered 4G mobile phones and 4G MiFi devices.

All this sounds exciting but looking at YTL’s many no shows in the past, we’re sceptical that they will be able to deliver the goods. A 4G mobile phone is a big ask, YTL will need a bucket load of coverage areas to pull this one off and assuming that YTL doesn’t have the coverage, they will have to work with a telco partner to make up for the 4G blindspots. And if we know the telco boys, they don’t play nice together, so it’s going to be interesting how YTL is going to do this nationwide mobile 4G network thing.

We’re not too sure bout the 4G mobile phone but we’re pretty excited about a 4G MiFi. We’re perplexed as to why P1 have yet to introduce one if the market. From our observations, there is a great deal of interest for such a device here. And it sure is a hell of a lot easier to sell then a WiMAX laptop.

Anyways, we’ll be keeping a close eye on YTL in the coming most, already the are on a huge hiring drive, so something is definitey a brewing. If they do pull this off, its going to be awesome for all of us, but that’s a big IF.