U Mobile IDD Bonanza with cash prizes

U Mobile’s IDD Bonanza is back and this time it offers cash prizes for lucky high spending users. From now until the end of the year, the highest spender for selected IDD Bonanza countries will be rewarded with RM18,888 cash.

There’s also monthly prizes of RM1,888 for the highest spender for each respective month. In addition, they are giving RM50 free airtime for every 10th entry for the first 100 users that spend RM10 on IDD Bonanza calls. If you win the RM50 airtime, RM25 will be credited in 2 separate following months. The monthly “2nd” prize mechanics is a little bit confusing which requires some reading on the T&C to understand.

The IDD rates for this promotion are as follows:

Be reminded that only calls to the 10 selected countries above are eligible for the contest, so calls to countries not listed above does not count.

IDD Rates wise,they are quite competitive. Compared to its low cost rival TuneTalk, it is similar or slightly cheaper by a few sen per minute. You can check out TuneTalk’s IDD promotional rates here.