Hotlink introduces new bi weekly mobile internet packages

UPDATE: Hotlink revises plans again. Drops 250MB option and introduces 5MB weekly package. Read about it here.

Hotlink has introduced a bi weekly rates for its mobile internet package in addition to its hourly, daily and monthly mobile internet packages.

The new bi weekly packages offer a 100MB data usage plan for RM18 and a 250MB data usage for RM38. It offers good options for the prepaid user but managing your data use the MB is a bit of a hassle in our opinion. If we had to choose, we’d take a monthly option any day. But having said that, if you’re using your mobile exclusively for IM and tweeting then, the bi weekly plans are worth a look.

NEW: Hotlink bi weekly mobile internet plans

OLD: Previous Hotlink mobile internet plans

Also, Hotlink will be revising their pay-per-use data rates to reflect industry standard rates of 10KB per block (RM0.10/10KB from 7am – 2am & RM0.05/10KB from 2am – 7am). The average price per KB remains the same. The new pay-per-use rates will take affect from 16 August onwards.

For more details on Hotlink’s mobile internet plans, click here.