Huawei E583C — MiFi never looked this good

Just as Malaysians are getting used the Huawei E5 MiFi offered by Maxis and DiGi, the Hong Kong device makers ha just introduced a successor — the Huawei E583C.

Although in terms of specs there’s really not much difference between the two with both offering up to 7.2Mbps download and 5.76Mbps upload, we haven’t yet seen a MiFi this good.

No indication on when this will hit our shores but we don’t expect the E583C to make an appearance here anytime soon. If you’re wondering, the E583C retails for US$177 in Hong Kong, that’s about RM560 — a pretty hefty price considering, the E5 and our current MiFi favourite, the D-Link DIR-457, does pretty much the same thing at very much less money.