Vuvuzela. There’s an app for that

(UPDATE 1433hrs 140610) Here is a more straight forward Vuvuzela app that closely replicates the real thing. Hope you have fun annoying the hell out of your friends!

For those of you who’s keeping close tabs on World Cup, you’ll notice that the Vuvuzelas is one of the main conversations in the 2010 installment of the tournament.

It is a cause of interruption for many with commentators calling the sign the horn makes as “annoying” and compared it with “a stampede of noisy elephants“, “a deafening swarm of locusts”, “a goat on the way to slaughter” and “a giant hive full of very angry bees“.

The hearing lost inducing horns are making such a racket that the organizers of the World Cup is thinking of banning them altogether.

But that’s not stopping developers coming up with a Vuvuzela app for the iPhone and it’s available for FREE. The app makes Vuvuzela sound straight from the iPhone.

We doubt that the iPhone’s speaker will be able to induce any hearing lost but it sure doesn’t get any less annoying for some people

Hit up the iTunes link to download.