Android 2.2 Froyo appears on Nexus One as OTA update

While most android users are waiting for Android 2.2 to be officially available on their decides, Google’s very own Nexus One is getting it in a special way. Obviously a product from Google, the Nexus One is reported to have received the new Android 2.2 update OTA (Over the Air).

Nexus One users will be prompted a system alert in the notification tray prompting to download the new update. If you’re a Nexus One user, this update could be on the way to your device right now.

Now that is pretty convenient to step up to the latest Froyo and enjoy the vast improvements reported earlier. Will Android 2.2 Froyo be updated with the same manner for other device? Since HTC is the manufacturer for Nexus One, it would be the smart thing if all HTC handsets will receive the same OTA update as well.

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