My drunk friend slept with my iPhone and peed in his pants

No it’s not a joke, that is an actual question posted on iFixit.

Here’s the whole story
My iPhone 3GS was pee’d on by my drunk friend who slept with it the other night at a party. He didn’t tell me till the next afternoon which the camera was still moist and foggy. So i dried it up but idk if he tried turning it on. Two days goes by and nothing works, so i decide to open it up and look at the logic board and the copper contacts attached to the battery are corroded and have like little dark spots. i sprayed little amounts of contact cleaner and cleaned them up brand new but nothing. I’m charging it now but still no luck.

You’d think that there’s probably no fixing the unfortunate iPhone but surprisingly, the many helpful visitors at iFixit have a few tips and pointers on how the owner can probably salvage the device.

The condundrum here is…the iPhone was covered with pee, including the insides. Even if it could be fixed, we’re not going to put a once pee soaked iPhone anywhere near our faces.

Would you fix an iPhone that has been peed on?

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