The possibilities of 4G WiMAX

Immagine being able to surf the web with a solid broadband connection while you’re in a taxi heading into downtown KL. Or perhaps being able to watch streaming videos while taking your daily commute to work in the KTM commuter, or while blasting down the PLUS highway at over 100km/h

Well this is what’s happening in Taiwan. Just last month, 1000 taxis have been made WiMAX enabled to allow passengers to surf the web. And just recently, Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute had successfully concluded test showing that mobile broadband surfing via WiMAX on a high-speed vehicle is diefinitely possible.

The researchers were able to access the Internet and watch streaming videos while travelling over 300km/h in High Speed Rail bullet train.

And get this, Taiwan has yet to launch a commercial WiMAX service.

Very impressive indeed. Our hopes Malaysia’s WiMAX operators? Simply, a reliable, high-performance service with excellent coverage please. Same goes to the other non-WiMAX ISPs as well.