Maxis officially brings in the iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G Maxis

After a long wait after hearing news & speculations, Maxis is the official telco to sell the ground breaking iPhone 3G. No doubt it has been a long wait since July 2008 when we first started the online petition at iPhone 3G for Malaysia but we’re glad that the wait is over. Maxis offers both iPhone 3G 8GB & 16GB that comes in black and white (16GB version only).

Lets take a look at what Maxis has offering:

Contract Plans

As expected, Maxis offers various contract durations with 6 months, 12 months and 24 months. Obviously a shorter contract period would have fetch a higher price for the iPhone 3G device while a longer contact period and higher commitment fee such as the i-Value 24 months Plan offers the iPhone 3G 8GB version for FREE.

6 months Contract

Maxis iPhone 3G 6 months contract

12 months Contract

12 Months Contract

24 months Contract

24 months contract

At first glance, we think Maxis is over doing it by coming out with various of plans and packages with different bundles. If you see from above, there are a total of 12 plans to choose from! Getting an iPhone 3G should have been easier and it shouldn’t take a genius to find out which package gives the best value.

In these times where people are getting more hard up financially, the timing of the launch isn’t exactly perfect. The price however isn’t as cheap as speculated before (iPhone 3G under RM1000) and customers would need to pay an advance payment ranging from RM200-RM2000 depending on plan.

However, we do believe that some people out there who are willing to fork out more cash for the purpose of being different. Judging by the sales of unofficial units in Malaysia that costs RM2000-RM3000, this simply proves that people are still willing to spend even for a non-official released product.

iPhone 3G as MNP bait

With no hesitation to capture more people into its growing community, Maxis also added an online booking for non-Maxis subscribers. However you’re porting must be successful before you could claim your iPhone 3G booking. It is known that Maxis will give priority to those who booked the iPhone 3G online prior its big event on the coming 20th-22nd March 2009 at KLCC Convention Centre.

Book your iPhone 3G

So are you up for it? Visit Maxis iPhone 3G site at

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