Maxis Postpaid: New Value Plus

With MNP just around the corner, the battle heats up in the telco industry. After we’ve seen U Mobile & DiGi‘s response, Maxis has finally came into the picture with its New Value Plus.

The new Value Plus plans looks familiar as it has the similar package offering as the previous Value Plans offered not too long ago. The main key offerings are:

Maxis Value Plus 50

  • 12 sen/min for Maxis-Maxis
  • 18 sen/min for Maxis-non Maxis

Maxis Value Plus 80

  • 12 sen/min for Maxis-Maxis
  • 15 sen/min for Maxis-non Maxis

Maxis Value Plus 150

  • 10 sen/min for Maxis-Maxis
  • 15 sen/min for Maxis-non Maxis

So what’s the difference some of you may ask?

Firstly to capture more lower usage groups, they have reduced the rates of the Maxis Value 50 by 2-3 sen/min. Previously Maxis Value offered 15 sen/min for Maxis-Maxis and 20 sen/min for Maxis-non Maxis calls. This is a slight drop of rates and existing Maxis Value 50 users would find bill savings with this new revision.

On the Value Plus 80, the rates remain unchanged but they have thrown something extra. If the Maxis-Maxis usage for Value Plus 80 exceeds RM80, all Maxis-Maxis calls will be further reduced to 10sen/min.

Finally on the Value Plus 150, Maxis tries to counter DiGi’s free calls offer but with some reservation. For Maxis-Maxis usage that exceeds RM100, subscribers will be giving RM100 worth of FREE Maxis-Maxis calls.

Comparison between Value & Value Plus


Maxis’s new Value Plus isn’t a total revamp of their plans and it is seen as a mere facelift or revision over its existing Value Plans. It isn’t ground breaking but its subscribers would eventually save more compared to the existing plans in the long run.  Well Maxis, we’re glad that finally you have responded on the new price plans but this is not the news that we would like to hear.