Samsung’s AirTag rival, the Galaxy SmartTag+ arrives in Malaysia, priced at RM109

Samsung Malaysia has brought to our shores the latest iteration of their keyfinder, the Galaxy SmartTag+. It comes with both Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and ultra-wideband (UWB) tech for users to easily locate their SmartTag+ with greater accuracy.

There’s also support for augmented reality (AR) functions to help visually guide you to where your missing items are using your smartphone’s camera. It can show you just how far you are from your SmartTag+ on your phone, and once you’re near it you can make it ring loudly so that you can find your lost keys even if it’s tucked away somewhere hidden.

Together with the SmartThings Find feature on Samsung Galaxy devices, the SmartTag+ can help you find your lost tagged items even if it’s far away, using BLE connectivity as well as the Galaxy network. By opting in through the SmartThings app, you can not only find your lost items, but help others find their lost SmartTag+ too.

According to Samsung all data from the SmartThings Find functionality is encrypted, ensuring no one else gets access to your SmartTag+ location. You can even use your SmartTag+ to control things like the lights in your home remotely.

As a comparison, the Galaxy SmartTag+ would be competing against the Apple AirTag. Apple’s offering also uses UWB and Bluetooth, and just like how the Galaxy SmartTag+ uses other Galaxy devices nearby, AirTags utilise Apple’s Find My feature to get location info via nearby Apple devices. Meanwhile, the nonplus Galaxy SmartTag doesn’t have support for UWB.

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While Apple sells one AirTag for RM129, Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag+ will retail for RM 149. However, from now til the 30th of June, you can get a discount of up to 26% when you purchase either the Galaxy SmartTag+ or Galaxy SmartTag. Both are available in black, while the SmartTag+ is available in Denim Blue as well, while the SmartTag can also come in the Oatmeal colourway.

Galaxy SmartTag+ :

RRP – RM 149

Promo Price – RM 109

Galaxy SmartTag:

RRP – RM 119

Promo Price – RM 99

Galaxy SmartTag 2-pack:

RRP – RM 209

Promo Price – RM 159

For more details about the Galaxy SmartTag+ promo, you can click here to check it out on the Samsung Malaysia website.