A TV should always be more than just a TV

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Everyone knows what a TV is. It’s a device used for the consumption of media and games and sometimes to share precious moments with the important people in your life. But nobody really thinks about what a TV should be—or at least, how much more this device that’s ubiquitous in most living rooms could be.

As important as it is to pick a TV that is great at being a TV, you should also consider how a TV can fit your style and the importance it will play in the aesthetics of your living space. That said, sometimes it can be a difficult choice to make between the TV that will beautify your living room and a TV that can be a first-class home entertainment device.

With Samsung’s brand new The Frame TV, you won’t have to choose because you can have both.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Samsung’s new The Frame TV has been designed with aesthetics in mind. It’s designed not just to disappear when you want it to, but also to be the centre of your living room’s attention. As its name would suggest, the TV is supposed to look like a slim picture frame, and this new model is a whopping 46% slimmer than its predecessor, measuring in at just 24.9mm.

You can also customise the bezels on the The Frame TV like you would with a fancy picture frame. There are a variety of frames to choose from, from the modern White, Teak and Brown colour ways, to the beveled types in Brick Red or White (only on 55” and 65”). Not only does this make matching The Frame to your decor a breeze, but you can also easily swap frames and attach new ones thanks to the magnetic bezels.

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Remember how The Frame was built to reflect the image of a picture frame? Well, to accentuate that Samsung’s new TV also comes with an improved Art Store and Art Mode. In this mode, The Frame can act as a vessel to display a collection of incredible artwork from around the world.

When The Frame TV is off, you can set it to act as a digital picture frame and display all sorts of art, pictures and even your family photos in their Art Mode with the My Collection feature. And honestly, this is something you have to see to believe because unless you’re looking for it, you might miss where the artwork ends and your TV begins. WIth the updated Art Store, you also have easier access to the artpiece’s information, more content for galleries as well as receive notifications on newly added pieces.

Part of what allows The Frame to be able to display things at such a high fidelity is thanks to the TV’s QLED display technology. You see, this TV is able to display a billion shades of colour with Quantum Dot so you’re almost guaranteed an excellent viewing experience.

Naturally, this, alongside the improved smart features like the Quantum Processor 4K, Dual LED backlighting and SpaceFit Sound make The Frame an excellent device for media consumption, watching blockbuster movies and everything else you could want your TV to be.

Thanks to the new SpaceFit Sound technology, you can enjoy perfect sound regardless of where or how you place your TV. It will analyse the room environment then automatically calibrate The Frame TV’s sound to its optimal settings. It’s also really easy to setup because all you need to do is turn on the TV then let SpaceFit Sound do the rest.

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If Samsung were to stop there, they’d already have a solid product on their hands. But, as one of the largest TV makers in the world, they’re also responsible for guiding the industry in the right direction. One of the things that Samsung has made a priority is the environment.

As a result, new TVs like The Frame will come with a special eco packaging. This sustainable solution can upcycle up to 200,000 tons of corrugated boxes each year. They’ve even reduced the text and imagery on the eco packaging so that they can further reduce the waste created from the traditional oil-based ink used to print them.

The remote that gets bundled with The Frame is also solar powered and made from recyclable plastic. Samsung says that this is in an effort to reduce the waste produced by AAA batteries, which has been projected to be about 99 million over seven years.

So, when it comes to Samsung’s The Frame TV, you’re looking at the whole package here. You get an excellent Smart TV that will let you view amazing content on it, and easily share content from your smartphone. But, you also get an environmentally conscious product that’s designed from the ground up to fit your unique lifestyle.

Make the better-looking choice today at Samsung Malaysia’s website.