Astro will broadcast all UEFA EURO 2020 matches live in 4K UHD

After a one year wait, UEFA EURO 2020 (Euro 2020) is finally around the corner and Astro is offering all 51 matches and more in Ultra High Definition (UHD).

Sport fans who are Sports Pack customers can have an unparalleled viewing experience of the Euro 2020 in 4K UHD on their Ultra Box.

Astro Commercial Director Azlin Arshad said the timing for Euro 2020 was perfect as the world needed a chance to reconnect after the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is one of one of those exciting moments we all have been waiting for. We just want to get back together again, watch it at home with families and at local eateries with friends,” she said during the Astro’s Goal Mania campaign press conference.

“We’re very excited to bring it live in 4K UHD all 51 matches free for Sports Pack customers on Astro with the Ultra Box.”

“Because we know this is what Astro customers deserve from us. To make sure we bring the best experience in sports in 4K UHD with the Ultra Box,” Azlin said.

She added that the Astro Ultra Box comes with cloud recording enabling users to record all 51 matches seamlessly.

Astro Commercial Director Azlin Arshad speaks during a press conference at the launch of the Astro Kick-Off Campaign for UEFA Euro 2020 at Sunway Pyramid April 1, 2021. ― Picture by Yusof Mat Isa, Malay Mail

As it has been a Malaysian cultural norm to watch football at local eateries, bars or other restaurants with friends, Azlin added that Astro was also working with their food and beverage (F&B) partners to help local businesses during these trying times.

“It’s not just about the product that we’re trying to put out there, it’s also really the awareness on the different bases you can consume Astro content.”

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“You can stream it at home, or you can also go out and watch it with friends over teh tarik.”

“The intention is actually to live together, to synergise, to create experience for consumers because I think it’s important for our content to be omnipresent.”

“That’s why we’re very committed to our commercial side business, our F&B outlets, and other sectors. We want to make sure that we’re there to support the on-ground effort,” Azlin said, adding that they are also helping these businesses with their marketing efforts.

Besides that, Azlin also encouraged legal viewing of sports and other contents as piracy has been on the rise lately.

“Piracy is simply theft and it’s theft for people who have worked very hard and spent long hours, long days, long months, long years producing fantastic quality.”

“Something that brings enjoyment to people’s homes and to have that taken away through piracy is extremely frustrating for the creative industry.”

Astro Head of Sports Lee Choong Khay, who was present at the event at Sunway Pyramid, was also excited for the return of Euro 2020.

“I still remember the time there was no ‘live’ sports for three months last year, not just football but other sports as well.”

“So, we’re very excited for Euro 2020 and we’ve got a lot of other stuff lined up for all Malaysian and this is the first time in Malaysia that we will broadcast all 51 matches in 4K UHD and it’s the only place we can watch all 51 matches for Euro 2020,” Lee said.

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Lee also said that the COVID-19 pandemic had resulted in them doing things virtually but also pointed out that it has made it easier for them to get access to prominent experts to talk on highlights, analysis and more.

“Like all sports fans, we can’t wait for Euro 2020 to start this June to July.”

“English Premier League is coming back after Euro 2020, all the regular sports will be back, on badminton we have the Thomas Cup this year, we also have the NBA, MotoGP and we’re looking to also announce the Olympics very soon. We’re working on that as well,” Lee said.

Astro is also reigniting the excitement for Euro 2020 with a four-day event from April 1 to 4 at Blue Atrium, Sunway Pyramid.

As part of their Goal Mania campaign, all existing and new Sports Pack customers stand to win one of the 51 4K Television (TV) that they are giving away by signing up for Astro Sports Pack.

For more information on the 4K TV giveaway, please click here.

Euro 2020 kicks off on June 12 with the opening match between Turkey and Italy at 3am, Malaysian time.

Viewers can stream on Astro GO or watch on the two dedicated HD channels (CH 810 and CH809) which will begin showing qualifying matches, highlights, friendly matches, and magazine shows from June 1, while the two UHD (CH871 and CH872) for Ultra Box customers will only show “live” matches and repeats. — Malay Mail


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