MyKar: Will we see a Malaysian electric car for less than RM50,000?

Electric vehicles (EV) are arguably the future of transportation, although there are a number of challenges to the mass adoption of the technology by the masses. Among these include the traditional high prices of electric vehicles—although Malaysian EV startup’s MyKar project might open up the possibility of a locally-made EV below RM50,000, as first reported by Paul Tan.

However, do note that EV Innovations is not aiming to actually build the car. According to Datuk Khalilur Rahman Ebrahim, Executive Chairman of parent company System Consultancy Services (SCS), the idea behind the MyKar projet is to conduct the necessary research and development of the EV platform, while showcasing the possibilities behind the technology. At the end of the day, SCS is looking to sell the technology to OEM manufacturers who are interested in making EVs.

In any case, the project is now onto its next stage, with a new Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) being signed with the Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii). The MoA has been signed with regards to the homologation process of the MyKar project—which means that the it is now ready for actual manufacturing. Besides the current prototype, at least five more EV units will be manufactured for this stage, with the project now moving on from the proof-of-concept prototype stage to actually developing a road-ready electric car.

The MyKar project, for some context, is a Malaysian EV startup that has the main aim of developing an electric vehicle that would come with the latest technology—while being economically viable for the masses in Malaysia. Now, with the newly-signed MoA, EV Innovations and MARii will work on developing local technologies to use on MyKar prototypes, including EV wireless charging technology, Battery Management Systems (BMS), and communication protocols between vehicles.

According to Paul Tan, the current prototype—reportedly based on the Honda Jazz platform—comes with a 28.7kWh battery unit offering a range of 300km on a single charge. A full charge takes 4.3 hours at 6.6kW, while you’re looking at an output of 24kW and 295Nm. Meanwhile, new adjustments mean that the top speed is 140km/h, with a 0-100km/h time of 18 seconds.

According to Datuk Khalilur Rahman Ebrahim:

“SCS is not interested in selling a car. We won’t have a brand for it, and it’s never going to be called MyKar. We are selling the technology to those interested in making EVs.” 

EV Innovations and SCS are now looking for a strategic partner moving forward, with various stakeholders required for this important next step. So, what do you think? Let us know what you think in the comments section down below.

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